-Only 13 apartment style suites for a lot of individual attention

-Central heat and air conditioning, temperature controlled kept between 70 -74 degrees year round

-Uv light system that filters out 99% of all airborne bacteria

-We offer indoor/outdoor suites or indoor only suites which have a TV for your dogs entertainment

- Indoor/outdoor suites have their indoor climate controlled room with a dog door to their outdoor run which is pea gravel AND in addition still go into a grass play yard 5 to 7 times a day all included in price

- Exercise included in the price , dogs go into a grass play yard 5 to 7 times a day where they can run, potty, and play

- Indoor only suites are the largest space at 8x10 and all have toddler beds and TV's where movies are played for them in addition the are taken into the play yard 7 times a day

-Bedding in each room is provided during your stay to ensure your dog is comfortable

- Largest rooms in the area , with all rooms able to accommodate multiple dogs of the same family and large/giant breed dogs

-Treats provided and given up to 5 times a day at no extra charge

- We DO NOT charge a medication fee, a special dietary fee or an exercise fee. Part of our commitment to quality care is making sure your pet has daily medications, special diets & regular exercise. It is our pleasure to keep your dog on their usual routine as per your instructions.

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